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At Voiceopia we meet you where you are at.  Many of our customers are just initially looking to save money on their business phone service.  They are still utilizing 1990's technology and paying 2 - 3 times more for their voice service with less features and flexibility.  We have found that by switching to Voiceopia, our customers save up to 60% on their voice service when compared apple-to-apple against the competition. Our business VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) phone lines include unlimited local and long-distance anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and also include all the business calling features for one low price.

Voiceopia also specializes in helping businesses transition from traditional business phone systems, that may be aging or expensive to maintain, to a Hosted Phone System.  A hosted phone system allows your business to make your communications an operating expense vs. a capital expense.  Our hosted phones system pricing starts as low as $19.99 per user.  This makes your communications expense consistent and predictable as you grow your business.

Not only are traditional PBX systems expensive to buy and maintain, they may also limit you as your company expands.  With a hosted PBX, you can have multiple IP phones at your main office that connect IP phones at multiple locations all on one system.  You can also integrate your mobile workforce's cellular phones with your hosted PBX so your customers can communicate with your business faster.  Features like voicemail-to-email forwarding allow you to get your voice messages from your office right on your cell phone within seconds, so you can respond to your customers' needs more quickly.

Whether you are looking to simply save on your existing business phone service or you are ready to transition your old business phone system to a hosted phone system, Voiceopia is ready to partner with you!  To speak with someone on our team today simply click here.  We look forward to helping your business communications become more efficient and less expensive with Voiceopia!

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