Hosted Business Phone Systems

Why Switch?

Why switch to VoiceopiaMany business owners aren’t sure whether or not switching to a hosted PBX from their traditional, on-premise solution is a good move. For years, most businesses have invested in traditional phone systems.  Over the last decade,  they’re hearing a lot about “the cloud” or “hosted PBX” but are not really sure how it can benefit their business.  Business VoIP is designed to offer competitive, business-class quality at a lower cost largely due to lower maintenance costs, cloud infrastructure and off-site administration.

Moving your business phone system to Vocieopia is simple. First, we begin with the most important step, designing a system that is custom-made for your business.  Our account managers will guide you through all the features and options available and help you decide which bring the most value to your business and how you wish to communicate with your customers.  Your devices arrive ready to go and setup takes minutes. Your Voiceopia  account manager will work with you to facilitate a smooth transition for all your office locations and remote workers.

Your account manager will help you decide how many users and IP phones you need for your business.  Voiceopia offers either a purchase option for IP phones or rental options if cash flow happens to be tight.  We can also assist you in transferring all of your existing phone numbers, or order new local or toll free numbers for your business.

A business VoIP/hosted PBX offers the same features and benefits that you would expect from a larger business, but at a cost that small and medium businesses can afford.  Hosted phone systems can lower costs all while increasing the overall productivity of your business communications. Based on our experience, our customers across multiple industries have saved up to 60% on their phone service compared to traditional phone service.

More Powerful, Less Expensive than Analog

With a traditional analog phone system, not only were our customers paying much more for the service, the phone service was limiting what they really needed to grow their business and serve their customers.  Voiceopia is committed to designing a phone system that delivers the most advanced features to power your business. Whether you just need the basics or you need a more robust, custom feature set, we’ve got you covered.  Features like the Virtual Receptionists, Voicemail to Email and the ability to work from anywhere increase productivity. These features help you save more than just dollars every month – they help you save valuable time that allow you to grow your business.


Voiceopia’s Hosted PBX solution delivers hundreds of calling features at a superior price as compared to traditional and competing hosted telephony solutions.  This allows you to maximize your internal communications and better serve your customers both during and after business hours.  Our system allows even the smallest business access to big business features that communicate stability to their customers.  All these features come at a superior price point compared to traditional PBX systems or competing hosted solutions providing a dramatically reduced total cost of ownership.  We use our expertise to help us design a custom system with the features and options that are most ideal for your business.  Voiceopia’s equipment arrives at your business ready to plug-and-play.  You will be up and running in just a matter of minutes.  Every seat comes with unlimited Local and Long Distance to anywhere in the U.S. or Canada and the following features…..

Auto Attendant
Call Park/Pickup
Call Queues
Conference Bridge
Call Waiting
Call Transfer
Call Forwarding

Mobile Integration
Multi-location Compatibility
Unlimited Extensions
Custom Dial Plans
Find me Follow me
Custom Call Routing
Music on Hold
Dial-by-Name Directory

Toll Free Numbers
E911 Assistance
Call Recording
Call Reporting
Desktop Management
and many more…..

We will work with you every step of the way!

Let us help you choose the right phone service and systemOur account managers will help you design a feature set that gives you the tools to interact with your customers the way you need to.  We help you decide which features are most important and how the system needs to behave both during and after business hours.  The good thing is these features can be added or taken away at any time, remotely, by one of our support specialists.  With a traditional phone system, a technician would have to come to your business and perform these feature changes manually and invoice you for their time.  This increases your total cost of ownership and the time it takes for these changes to happen.  With a hosted phone system from Voiceopia, all changes, updates and maintenance can be done remotely at no additional cost to you.

One of the great features about having a business phone system hosted off-site is your business is never “off-the-grid”.  VoIP systems are 100% dependant on the quality of your high-speed internet.  As we all know, even the best high-speed internet connection is not 100% reliable.  So most business owners want to know, “What happens if my internet goes down?”.  With a hosted phone system, callers will never know when your office internet is down.  They will still be able to interact with your business and select options from an Interactive Voice Response system or dial an extension on your system.  Once they choose their selection they will then be forwarded to a voice mailbox and have the opportunity to leave a message.  As soon as that message is recorded, it is forward to the appropriate person’s email so they can listen to the message and call the customer back from a cell phone even while the office internet is down.

With a traditional phone system, situations like downed telephone lines, fire, flood, theft and technical glitches can take your sytem down.  All of our hosted systems are housed in data centers that have redundant power and cooling and remain up and running even when your site is down.

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