Our pricing philosophy is built on two things: SIMPLICITY & VALUE

We believe in providing a pricing model that is easy to understand and predict as your company grows.  This model has saved our clients up to 60% over traditional phone service and on-site PBX solutions.  Since we started Voiceopia we have offered a very competitive NO CONTRACT offering to our customers and will always continue to do so.  This forces us to work hard to make the entire customer experience one that exceeds our customers expectations.  We also offer multi-year contract discounts and annual billing discounts that reward our customers for their commitment to loyalty and up-front trust in us.

Voiceopia offers simple, flat-rate seat pricing that allows unlimited local and long distance calling anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.  

The days of phone bills that fluctuate from month-to-month depending on your call volume are over.  This provides our customers the predictability they need as they expand their business.  Whether you need to add an unlimited seat at your home office or for an employee that works out of an at home office, Voiceopia keeps everyone connected to the same phone system no matter where they are.

From time to time, we meet businesses that have recently invested in a traditional on-premise PBX and handsets for their office that are working just fine.  In this case we offer competitive pricing for dial tone that we can integrate right into your traditional PBX and still save your business a significant amount on your voice service.  Whether your office PBX is SIP capable or you need an analog gateway to integrate our service into your system, we have you covered.  We simply port all of your telephone numbers from your existing voice carrier over to Voiceopia and you are off and running and saving!  If you are interested in SIP trunk pricing or a proposal for switching your voice service to Voiceopia, contact us today to get a quote.

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