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Business team.Our communications business is built around you

Early on we made a conscious decision that if there was one thing we wanted to be known for in our industry it would be world-class customer service.  Our company was built in the early years by developing relationships with the local florist, hair salon, and several “mom and pop” shops in our hometown.  As we developed these relationships one-by-one we realized very quickly that the biggest opportunity in the telecommunications industry was a void of great customer service.

To our customers their phone system is the lifeblood of their businesses.  It is how they communicate with their customers.  That is why we like to take a little more time on the front end to ask questions and gain an understanding of how each business plans to utilize their phone system so we can deliver a phone system that serves their specific needs.

Along the way, we have never forgotten where we came from and still realize that “main street” is the foundation of who we serve.  Our early relationships gave us the experience that now equips us to serve customers ranging from the solo entrepreneur to 100+ seat multi-state companies.  As our company grew, good ole word-of-mouth began to spread and today our customer base has spread out across the U.S. and Mexico.

Today we enjoy working with customers representing a broad spectrum of industries. This has allowed us to hone our skills and gain a wealth of experience in crafting custom solutions for a variety of companies of all sizes.  What have we learned?  No one customer is alike!  We are confident in our ability to listen to our customers and provide suggestions and ideas that can really enable them to maximize the value in our offering.  We believe that technology is only as good as it has been designed and applied for your business needs.  The following list represents several industries represented by our customer base across the country.

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