portrait of pretty african american female nurse using landline phoneThe healthcare industry has received a lot of attention in recent years.  The headlines have been dominated by the Affordable Care Act and the several extensions it has experienced.  Behind the hype, however, there are still individuals who need care and professionals who are trying to do the job they pledged to do with focus on the health of the patient.

The connections between technology and healthcare cannot be ignored. Hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices have embraced the opportunity to stay connected through innovative solutions that allow for the use of telemedicine and the archiving of all medical records. Now, many are also considering the value associated with business VoIP phone service and hosted PBX services. For those who have yet to implement the technology, there are quite a few benefits to consider.

Hosted PBX in the Healthcare field

Hosted PBX provider Voiceopia, for instance, has long held a strong reputation in the marketplace for understanding the importance of being able to confidently rely on the phone system to provide a company with mobile capabilities, message alerts and quality voice services throughout the work day. When the company is an organization focused on the medical industry, they also rely on the ability to stay in constant communication with doctors, patients and hospital staff.

Several organizations rely on hosted PBX technology to increase the flexibility of their staff and to streamline operations as they rely on cloud-based solutions from Voiceopia. With features like call forwarding or follow me, healthcare employees can work from any location and still enable patients to reach them “in the office.”

Benefits of Voiceopia products in the healthcare field

PBX in a doctors officeEmployees can also easily transfer calls between mobile and desk phones, make calls from any device and still have the caller ID display as their office line, enjoy call continuity in the rare instance a disaster occurs and an interactive voice response serves as the automated receptionist while an employee is away from their desk.  Because healthcare is not a 9-5 industry, and emergencies/last-minute circumstances often arise, healthcare professionals and their staff can enjoy Voiceopia’s various features that help them best serve their patients. Voicemail forwarding to email provides the ability to keep up with messages in a timely manner. Additionally, several healthcare facility staff members note that they enjoy the unique functionality of the phone lines/extensions in helping them communicate around the office.

Whether you are a family physician, chiropractor, dentist or serve any other specialty in the healthcare industry, you need a reliable solution that not only ensures quality connections, but also provides the capabilities and flexibility the staff needs in a dynamic market. Many offices across the country are turning to Voiceopia to provide hosted PBX services so they can easily stay in touch with the doctors, hospitals and patients they work with on a daily basis.

With the service securely in place, these healthcare practices have enjoyed the quality of service and the immediate response they receive from Voiceopia’s support team. The robust and affordable phone system ensures seamless connections for the practice team so they can continue to deliver the comfortable and safe care that has become their passion.

As consumers look to their medical doctors for quality care, delivery must start with communications. If a provider doesn’t have the right solution in place, quality care isn’t possible.  Contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable account managers and receive a custom proposal for your healthcare practice.

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