Voiceopia has been helping manufacturers with multiple divisions, locations in multiple states and countries, call centers and a mobile sales force capitalize on the benefits of a hosted pbx phone system for several years.  For most manufacturers this is a huge transition that needs to be approached very methodically and planned well.  We have helped multiple manufacturers with hundreds of users design, plan, test and implement the transition into a hosted PBX system successfully.

One of the first steps in making this transition is ensuring that your existing LAN infrastructure is capable of handling the increased voice traffic across your existing data network.  Our engineers have walked into several manufacturers and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly.  They are very experienced in helping guide your IT staff through the pitfalls that can be avoided with proper planning and testing upfront.

The next step in the design phase.  The key to this phase is knowing how to utilize hosted PBX technology to work smarter and not harder.  Our account managers bring years of experience and creativity to the table when designing a system from the ground up.  Several of our manufacturing customers have realized benefits that they did not even know existed when transitioning to a hosted PBX.  One of our fundamental beliefs is that hosted PBX technology is only as good as it is designed and applied to your business.  Our account managers will help you slow down to speed up and provide valuable design insight that will help you maximize your investment and maximize your overall efficiency and productivity.

Testing and implementation is critical to a successful hosted PBX deployment.  It’s the old “measure twice, cut once” philosophy.  Once your system has been designed we work with your IT staff to get IP phones on your network for testing weeks before we go into a live environment.  We want to ensure that we give adequate time to identify and curve balls that may be thrown at us by your LAN infrastructure so we reduce the post deployment surprises.  This will also give your team hands on experience with our system prior to going live and allows you to provide us feedback for any tweaks that need to be made.  During this time we will train your staff on how to use the features of the system day to day.  We train your IT staff on how to use our web interface to manage the system and make changes on the fly.  After deployment, our support staff and engineers will be available to help you knock off any rough edges and fine tune your system.

Phone Systems To Fit Your Needs

As your company continues to grow, we will help you scale your hosted PBX and the features to meet the needs of your team.  Whether it is increased mobile integration, designing and building out call centers or providing call reporting to help you plan for staffing and customer support, we have you covered.  Contact one of our account managers today to discuss how a hosted PBX can improve your bottom line!

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