Non- Profit Organizations

Progressing your organization’s mission is our #1 goal when we partner with your non-profit.  Voiceopia has partnered with multiple non-profit and religious organizations through the years and has enjoyed being a part of a larger vision.  We have worked with the smallest start-up organizations to large regional and national organizations such as United Way and Habitat for Humanity.


Budget Friendly

We understand operating on a shoestring budget and our hosted PBX pricing allows you to have the best of technology without breaking the budget.  Our team will work right alongside you to design and develop a hosted phone system that grows with your organization.  We will help your staff understand how to fully utilize the features and benefits of the system to improve both internal and external communications.


Hosted PBX technology allows even the smallest organizations to present a larger, more professional image to every caller.  Customized interactive voice response systems can direct callers to the correct staff member the first time to provide help quicker.

Link multiple locations

Multiple locations can be linked into one system to allow for extension dialling even across state lines.  Mobile integration allows for quick response times even when your staff is in the field or working on a project away from the office.

Free long-distance calling

Long distance telephone fees can soar very quickly if you’re not careful. By calling long distance over the internet you are avoiding the use of the traditional phone infrastructure that make calling long-distance so costly

Nonprofits need to contact donors, constituents, and volunteers from around the nation, and in some cases the globe, without the fear of that phone call costing them an inordinate amount of cash.

Cheaper International Calling

If your nonprofit has international offices or calls internationally often, a hosted PBX system is a necessity. Calling over the internet is much cheaper than traditional methods.

A breadth of free features

Features like 3-way calling, call forwarding and voicemail almost always come standard with VOIP plans. Additionally, the majority of providers offer mobile apps and software platforms that can be downloaded to smart phones and laptops to be taken anywhere by your employees.

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